Wild Lettuce and Family Dinners

My grandmother knew how to lay a spread on the dinner table.  When our large family came together, we gathered around a long table stacked high with country-style home cooking.  In the middle of all the protein and starches was a large bowl of field greens tossed with honey vinaigrette. I didn’t understand it then, but this simple dish did a marvelous job of balancing sweet, salty, bitter and sour.  Even though I was a typical kid who avoided vegetables, her salad was an exception.

One of the ingredients was Wild Lettuce, which despite its name is a member of the sun flower family.  Like aspirin, it is bitter and has a mild analgesic effect.  Even though Wild Lettuce has a history of use dating back to the Egyptians as an opium substitute, it is a mild plant that is not addictive, unless you include the natural response to wholesome foods that nourish our body and restore good health.

Like carrots it contains Vitamin A, an anti oxidant connected to eye health, a strong immune system, and the growth of healthy new cells.  As you know, we are constantly replacing our old cells with new ones, lending credence to the idea that we are forever renewing ourselves.  This renewal takes fuel and a good place to fill her up is with wild edibles like Wild Lettuce.

Here’s to your good health, my friends.

Peace out,


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