I’m Not a Weed

Milk Thistle

“I am not a weed,” the flower replied, sweetly.
The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint−Exupery

A weed is a useless and undesirable plant growing where it is not wanted. Very often, our attempts to remove them backfire on us as in the case of the recent death of a friend’s family member. Her death was swift and unexpected. The doctors told the grieving family her liver failed, but couldn’t say why someone who had been the picture of good health would suddenly take such a deadly turn.

My friend believed she had an adverse reaction to a herbicide she was using just before she got sick. She was trying to wipe out a patch of Milk Thistle so her cattle wouldn’t get into it. Of course, proving his suspicions is a daunting task and the family had no intention of pursuing legal action against the chemical giant who manufactured the poison.

The heartbreaking twist to this story is Milk Thistle is not a weed. It is a very old medicine that has been used for centuries by herbalist to flush toxins from the liver. Maybe her legacy to us is a reminder to add Milk Thistle to our salads instead of reaching for the poison used to kill this beautiful plant.

To your good health, my friends.

Peace out,

Robert Grant

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