Strong to the Finish

Maybe I watched too many Popeye cartoons as a kid, but I love spinach.  I’m sure you remember his signature song, “I’m strong to the finish because I eats me spinach, I’m Popeye the sailor man, toot, toot!”

I eat it in salads and wilted with onion and garlic as a side dish, but did you know there is a common weed that has seven times more vitamin E than spinach? It’s commonly called Purslane and you can find it throughout the summer growing wild. Like nature’s magic, it pops up in disturbed soil.

Of course, chemical companies classify it as a noxious weed even though it is also loaded with six times the beta-carotene as a carrot, as well as significant amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and riboflavin.

It is tasty and nutritious adding a slight lemony tang to your salads, so does it make any sense to kill it, instead of eating it?

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As long as Robert can remember, he wanted to be a writer. Like many young people who are called to a creative life, he had to contend with well-meaning friends and family members who discouraged it. While Robert spent most of his career as a successful attorney, he never forgot his dream. In the meantime, he pursued many other interests and was fortunate enough to have some amazing adventures. One of those interests was martial arts. He spent many years studying and teaching Chinese Internal Martial Arts. Robert promised his teacher he would someday write that book he always wanted to write and began to develop a story idea that pitted a young lawyer/martial artist against a powerful pharmaceutical company in a conflict over a miracle cure. The hero wants to insure the cure is freely available to everyone, but powerful enemies want to suppress it. The Nostrum Conspiracy is Robert’s second book. His first book, Naked Tao, breaks a few rules.

Robert has been blessed with an amazing life and it just keeps getting better. He lives in Louisville with his beautiful wife and children. "Bad Bob" is a tongue-in-cheek nick name bestowed upon him by his co-workers when he showed up at his law firm one day on a new Harley. Robert is a martial arts master and has taught over 600 students.

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