Unplugged at Angel Falls


There are many reasons I adore my wife, Rebecca, and one of them is the pleasure we take in simple things.  A walkabout is a spiritual quest taken by a young Aborigine.  For us, a walkabout is as simple as unplugging for a few days and walking into the backcountry to hang-out with the butterflies at Angel Falls.

Angel Falls

The rhythm of the forest is slow, but it didn’t take long for us to slow down enough to find our still point.  It’s there that the knots can be untied.  At Angel Falls we loosened the stranglehold of our knots.  Maybe someday we will untie them all and set ourselves free.

Rebecca Grant

One of my favorite authors is Joseph Campbell and his most famous line might be, “Follow your bliss.”  Unplugging for a short time gave us the quiet we needed to open our eyes to the beauty that surrounds us.  For Rebecca and I, bliss was found among the ancient trees standing firmly rooted in Mother Earth while reaching high for the stars.

Forest Trail

Stand firm, my friends.  Reach high for the stars, my friends.

Dusk in the Red River Gorge

Peace out,



What’s In Your Center?

What’s In Your Center?

Imagine a storm rages all around you.  You hear a deafening roar that resembles a freight train.  Objects that were never meant to fly whiz past your head and you are afraid.  You drop down as low as you can get and hope the storm won’t take you, but the wind is strong enough to lift you a foot off the ground.



How do you survive?


Find your center.  Be the eye of the storm.  Let the rage exhaust itself around you, but do not let it in.

Milky Way


Peace out,


There Are No Limits When You Follow The Instructions

There are no limits when you follow the instructions.

When I was 12 years old, I wanted to play football.  Of course, I had never played football and knew nothing about the game.  My mother was afraid I might be injured and opposed the idea.  In a stroke of genius, I promised her I would follow the Coach’s instructions without fail.  With this promise, she finally agreed to let me play.  Later she confessed she only agreed because she was sure I would quit after the first practice.


I kept my promise.  I listened to the Coach and followed his instruction without fail.  As you can imagine, the Coach was impressed with my “coachability” and quickly inserted me into the starting lineup.  He had faith in me and I never let him down.  I played for six seasons.

My mom came to love the game and never missed an opportunity to see me play.  I think she was more disappointed than me when I injured myself during the last game of my senior year in high school and missed an opportunity to go to West Point and play football for Army.  Imagine what can happen if you only follow the instructions.

Peace out,


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The Master Within

The Master Within


As rebellious two year olds, we were compelled to explore the world around us and shouted “NO” to anyone who tried to stop us.  As rebellious teenagers, we hungered to assert our independence and resisted all well-meaning advice to the contrary.  As domesticated adults, we have surrendered to the forces around us.  We have lost our way, but it’s not too late to connect to the Master within.

Naked Tao

Here are a few simple practices that will reverse the process and lead you back to the part of you who knows no master:


  • Reassert your independence. Each day choose one thing you want and give it to yourself. Don’t ask anyone for permission. Have no regrets. Do not entertain any second thoughts.
  • Explore your world. Begin right where you are and look at it with fresh eyes. Look at it with the eyes of a two year old. Now venture outward. You don’t need anyone’s permission. Just do it.
  • Believe in yourself. Remember a time when you achieved something special. You were amazing and you felt like you could do anything you set your mind to. Choose to feel that again.
  • Think for yourself. Everyone has a genius inside of them, especially you. Connect with it. Embrace it. Use it.       Listen to your intuition.
  • Take ownership of your life. Right now, stop blaming your parents, spouse, government, aliens, etc. for your problems. This is your life. Own it.
  • Stay out of other people’s business. Tend to your own life and allow others to tend to theirs.


You are the Master of your own life.  Start living it now and by all means, enjoy yourself!


Peace out,



When I was eight, I discovered the wonderful world of story. Bored one hot summer day, I picked up a tattered copy of Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe” and my life was forever changed. Reading was no longer something a well-meaning adult made me do. It became a lifetime choice.

Like many readers, I knew I had a creative force inside of me that hungered for free expression. My inner voice whispered for me to write wondrous stories for the next generation. Even though I have taken the long route to fulfillment, my first book Naked Tao has finally been published and the second, Naked Chi, is close at hand.

Chi is the energy or life force that surrounds us…that is us. The use of the term “Naked” means it is out in the open. Our life force, the essence of who we are, is out in the open.
Naked Chi
So dear friends, here is a small excerpt from the “Naked Chi” to honor our dreams:

“There was a self-possessed air about her that seemed regal to me. At first I assumed she was a leader, but when I shifted my gaze to the small crowd that formed behind her, I could see they were not followers. None of them showed any sign they were the subjects of a master. How extraordinary, I thought, each and every one of them is clearly in charge of themselves.”

Peace out,

Gardening in the Suburbs

The tomatoes are thriving amongst the geraniums and marigolds and the strawberries, cabbages and peppers seem quite happy amongst the roses and herbs…..
Mixing Vegetables and Flowers

Tomatoes, Geraniums and Marigolds

Our neighbors keep stopping in to inspect our fruit trees and new berry patch at the side of the house……firmly establishing ourselves as the new quirky hippies of our neighborhood…..muwahahaha!!!
Blending Food and Flowers

Cabbages, Strawberries, Roses…

Happy Growing My Friends….

The New Prince Charming

The New Prince Charming

Hey guys…are you a good boy or a bad boy?  Today’s Prince Charming is a balance between Bad Boy and Mr. Sensitive.  Think of it as a practical application of balance.  Most of us are familiar with the Taoist symbol that depicts yin and yang as opposites in balance.  The name for this symbol is Taijitu or The Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate.  It is a depiction of a state of wholeness.

Yin and Yang

Wholeness requires acceptance of all aspects of life.  For example, you have a right hand and a left one.  If you only allow yourself to only make left hand turns, then your path is a circle.  As you know, we often depict someone who is lost as endlessly circling back to the same spot.  Life’s journey requires us to make both left and right hand turns.

So what does this have to do with Prince Charming?

In the 1970’s there was a show on television called “Happy Days”.  As the show developed, two male characters emerged, Fonzie and Richie.  These two characters were total opposites.  Fonzie wore a leather jacket and biker boots.  He rode a motorcycle.  Fonzie was a “bad boy” who defined “cool”.  The girls loved him and Fonzie frequently had a different beautiful girl on his arm.  On the other hand, Richie wore crisp button down shirts and loafers.  He was a nice guy who defined “boring”.  Even though he was smart, clean cut, and conformed to all of the rules, he struggled to get dates.  The girls just weren’t that interested.

On a superficial level you might conclude that if you’re a teenage boy, being Fonzie is way better than Richie.  However, as the show developed, so did the characters.  Fonzie began to reveal his soft sensitive side and Richie showed his grit.  The characters became less superficial and more whole.  Consequently, Fonzie met someone special and abandoned his playboy role.  Likewise, once Richie found himself, he found his girl.

Over the years, I asked a lot of women what they look for in a guy.  Do they want Fonzie or Richie? Most have told me they want both.  They want a guy who is both a Bad Boy and Mr. Sensitive.  For them, that is the new Prince Charming.

What are your thoughts?


Peace out,