Immortal Self

Immortal Self

For those of you who have asked, here is a meditation exercise on your true nature or immortal self:

• Begin by focusing your mind on the Upper Tan Tien. This is the area between and behind your eyes and at the center of your brain. Taoists poetically call this area the “Crystal Palace”. Imagine a warm golden light filling the Crystal Palace.

• Concentrate on the golden light to the exclusion of everything else until it, the golden light and everything else, disappears. You will know that you have achieved this when you feel empty or void. This state is achieved when you have dropped all external influences in your life.

• Imagine that your true nature emerges from deep within the void. See it appearing as an embryo that slowly develops into your true self. When you are ready, push the embryo down into your Lower Tan Tien, just behind your navel. Taoists call this area the “Sea of Vitality”. Think of the Sea of Vitality as if it were a womb for the embryo. Hold your true nature there where it is nurtured and developed. When you are ready, give birth to your true nature and allow it expression in your life.

True Nature Meditation

Immortal Self

Don’t force it. Let it take shape on its own.

This is your immortal self.

Peace out…

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  1. A basic cause of unhappiness is our rsefual to accept the reality of what is happening right now. Added to this is the fact that things keep changing. Our frustration comes along since we expect or want things to be other than what they are. So the Taoist say, it is what it is. Buddhism would say, everything is perfect , just as it is . Accepting this you might live a rich stress free life becoming a better person for the world as a whole. Still I wonder if anything is real since all we really have is the moment. So if it is , what it is and then say , it is perfect, just the way it is we could be at peace at least at the moment and have a good nights sleep.

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