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We are pleased to announce that “Naked Tao” and “The Nostrum Conspiracy” by Robert Grant are now available in ebook form at major retailers, including Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Are there other retailers and formats that you would like to have our books available?

The Nostrum Conspiracy-Full Review

The Nostrum Conspiracy Book Review

In his second novel, The Nostrum Conspiracy, Louisville-based Author, Robert Grant, continues the saga of Grant, a young, up-and-coming Attorney and Grant’s childhood The Nostrum Conspiracy eBook on Sale from the Desk of the Authorsweetheart, Ginny, now a successful International Business Woman.  The two of them unwittingly find themselves in the middle of a healthcare industry conspiracy.

On page One, Grant wakes up in the hospital only hours after a shoot-out in which he believes all the family he has left are killed.  He immediately begins plotting his revenge and, so, begins his journey from hospital psych ward to Amazonian rainforest to an ancient, hidden cavern and a tribe of people calling themselves The Guardians.

Ginny disappears fairly early in the novel to begin her own quest to find the father she hasn’t seen since she was eight years old. 

Grant and Ginny are reunited in the Amazon rainforest where their intertwined destinies are revealed.

The characters in this book are rich and complex and, oftentimes, funny.  The setting is both gritty and fascinatingly lush and dangerous.

Robert Grant keeps you on the edge of your seat with every unexpected twist of this offbeat tale that keeps the pages turning.  This book is a pleasure to read and I’m not just saying that because I’m his wife.

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Gardening in the Suburbs

The tomatoes are thriving amongst the geraniums and marigolds and the strawberries, cabbages and peppers seem quite happy amongst the roses and herbs…..
Mixing Vegetables and Flowers

Tomatoes, Geraniums and Marigolds

Our neighbors keep stopping in to inspect our fruit trees and new berry patch at the side of the house……firmly establishing ourselves as the new quirky hippies of our neighborhood…..muwahahaha!!!
Blending Food and Flowers

Cabbages, Strawberries, Roses…

Happy Growing My Friends….