UnderBelly is the latest installment from Robert Grant.


The story begins with Naked Tao, where the reader first meets Grant Li, a young lawyer facing the challenge of a lifetime when he learns that his big client is hiding a dangerous secret.  Along the way, he joins forces with his childhood sweetheart, Ginny Bardough, who is now grown up and a total babe.  The story continues with Nostrum Conspiracy when Ginny sets out to find her missing father but disappears into the vastness of the Amazon Rainforest.  Grant pursues her and while in the forest they receive an unexpected gift from a mysterious group of people.  UnderBelly tells the story of their return home via the underworld with something that will radically improve people’s lives, but first, they have to take on big pharma and a group of corrupt politicians in a high-stakes fight of epic proportions that could forever shift the balance of power.


Robert draws on his own adventures and enthusiasm for the unbeaten path to write fast-paced novels that transport readers to far off exotic places.  It may come as no surprise that he loves a good story.


A note from Robert about UnderBelly:


“An amazing thing happened when I was writing the story.  The characters took over and the third book practically wrote itself.  It is the story of a young lawyer’s call to action in an epic struggle with his former client.  He finds love, redemption, and a worthy life purpose.  It is an easy fast read with subtle depth and humor.  I’m really proud of this story and I hope you give it a try.”