Author Profile for Robert Grant

Among Robert Grant’s many interests are martial arts.  He comes from a long line of Taoist, who left their sheltered lives in a mountain monastery to wander a world filled with raw beauty.  These wandering monks have a long tradition of telling stories that both entertain and teach.

Robert promised his sifu he would keep the tradition of storytelling alive and began developing a story idea that pitted a young lawyer/martial artist against a powerful pharmaceutical company in an epic conflict over a miracle cure.  The hero wants to ensure the cure is freely available to everyone, but powerful enemies want to suppress it.  It is the story of a young lawyer’s epic struggle with an evil client.  He finds love, redemption, and a worthy life purpose.  It is an easy fast read with ancient wisdom and subtle humor.

The result is a first rate-thriller with a mystical twist that will have you laughing one minute and crying the next.  Come, open a book and let your mind travel to places you never knew existed.