Naked Tao

Naked Tao by Robert Grant

Grant Li is a young Louisville attorney who is on top of the world, but his life is about to change.  Following his greatest courtroom victory for Pathogen, a pharmaceutical giant, Grant discovers his client is hiding
Naked Tao Book Cover - Vila an amazing medicine from the world.  Not only does it cure everything, it produces optimal health.  Even more astounding, his client has developed a bio-weapon and intends to use it against innocent people.  Grant sets out to stop them at all costs and along the way has a chance meeting with a lost love, Ginny Bardough.


Ginny left Louisville for college and didn’t look back until ten years later. She is forced to return in order to land bestselling author, Padma Ganesha, as the keynote speaker for her company-sponsored conference, “Ideas to Change the World”.  On the trip back home she runs into Grant at a wild party and the sparks begin to fly over their completely different views about love and sex.  Their problems grow when Grant is accused of a murder and Ginny disappears.

Where is Ginny?  Will Grant avoid prison?  Can Pathogen be stopped?  Will Grant and Ginny overcome their relationship issues enough to build the amazing life they both hunger for?

This debut novel by talented new author, Robert Grant, breaks all the rules.  It will keep you turning pages well into the night.  Don’t miss this one.


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