Brush with Death

I’m pretty sure trying to pass two vehicles on a two-lane highway was a dumb idea, but I was 17 and dumb ideas were pretty much normal. Laying peddle to metal the Firebird’s speed jumped to 85 mph as I started around the blue Chevy in front of me. Luck would have it that the Chevy decided to pass the farm truck holding us both back just as I rounded its rear wheel. I guess the driver of the Chevy didn’t see me as she started across the center-line, but I saw her coming and tried to move more to the left.

I must have overreacted because my front wheel caught the shoulder and yanked me off the highway. It sent me flying down a steep embankment like an out-of-control skier headed straight for an ancient oak tree. There was no way I was going to survive a head-on collision with a huge tree at that speed. Death was imminent, but strangely, I felt calm. There was no fear, just acceptance.

Just inches from the massive tree trunk, the Firebird came to sudden and an inexplicable stop. It was if the hand of God had interceded and froze the action, thereby saving my life for reasons unknown to me.

When I was a kid, Mom hung a picture of a beautiful Guardian Angel helping two small children across a rickety and dangerous looking bridge. It was comforting to me. I looked at the picture often, especially when I felt afraid of the unseen things lurking in the shadows. I believed with the unshakable faith of a child that I too had a Guardian Angel watching over me, protecting me, and guiding me to safety.

Of course, as I matured into my teen years, Guardian Angels were abandoned along with Santa and the Tooth Fairy. That changed on that fateful day when I decided to pass two slow moving vehicles on a two-lane highway. I knew once again with complete certainty that someone was watching over me, protecting me, and guiding me to safety.

I recently stumbled across a YouTube video about an Irish woman, Lorna Byrne, who sees angels. She has written several best-selling books about them, the first being, Angels in My Hair. I recommend you read her books. You might find some comfort in her message during these wild and dangerous times.

You can watch one of her many interviews here:




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Many people recognize that forgiveness is a good thing, but find it difficult to actually do it. This is because there is a judgmental component to their effort which sounds something like this: “You really messed up this time and hurt me terribly. It’s all your fault I feel so miserable, but I’m going to be the bigger person and forgive you.”

Standing on the outside looking in, it’s pretty easy to see this isn’t forgiveness at all, and instead, is really a way to punish them some more. However, the purpose of forgiveness is to change the way you think about what happened and to release the pain.

I’d like to share a mediation or prayer you can find in Gary Renard’s wonderful book, “Your Immortal Reality.”

Close your eyes and picture the face of the person you want to forgive and repeat this simple prayer or mantra: “You are Spirit. Whole and Innocent. All is Forgiven and Released.”

Don’t dwell on it any longer. Instead move on to the next person you want to forgive and repeat. Continue this practice as long as people from your past or present, live or dead, pop into your awareness.

The next time you confront a difficult person or situation, silently repeat the prayer. The release of anger, guilt, and fear that comes form this simple practice will change your life.

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