Dandelion Fields

The home improvement store had a bewildering number of herbicides, all promising to rid my lawn of noxious weeds. I wanted something safe, but effective, to get rid the dandelion invasion taking over my front lawn.

“What are we killing today?” asked the sales clerk.

I was shocked by his question. I’m not a killer. While he was making his sales pitch, I was struggling with an existential crisis. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was on a killing mission that felt wrong to me. Did I really need or want a lawn devoid of all life except for Kentucky Bluegrass? The answer was no and I walked out of the store empty-handed.

Today, I use dandelion leaves in my salads and make tea from its roots. Herbalists say it provides liver support and many other health benefits. Some call it a great spring tonic. I’ve made peace with dandelion and no longer believe it is a noxious weed.

Peace out,