The Nostrum Conspiracy by Robert Grant

The Nostrum Conspiracy by Robert Grant

Grant Li discovers the girl he always loved, but ignored for many years, has miraculously survived a vicious attack.  When she disappears once again from his life, he sets out to find her in the vast
The Conspiracy NostrumAmazon Rainforest.  Along the way, he learns of an astounding plant that may cure his mother who was injured years ago in a motorcycle crash.

A young Ginny Bardough first lost Grant, then her father.  Now a mysterious phone call sends her searching the Rainforest to find her father.  Little do they know, there are more dangerous things in the forest than a crocodile or two.  There are forces at play that could cost them everything.

Does Grant find the mysterious plant?  Does Ginny find her father? Do Grant and Ginny find each other?

The Nostrum Conspiracy is the Breakout Second Novel by Robert Grant.  You’re going to love it.

What Others are Saying About The Nostrum Conspiracy:

“Robert Grant is a master story teller…combines nonstop action with a touch of Far Eastern mysticism…” M. Wexler

“You’ve written something special…” D. Bruner.