Sari Krosinsky has delivered an epic poem in the spirit of the The Bhagavad Gita. Imagine life from the point of view of a God. Time is not a limit, but loving a mortal has an expiration date. My favorite line is “Forever is too long”. Read A God’s Life today! Robert Grant author of Naked Tao and The Nostrum Conspiracy.


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We are pleased to announce that “Naked Tao” and “The Nostrum Conspiracy” by Robert Grant are now available in ebook form at major retailers, including Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Are there other retailers and formats that you would like to have our books available?

Creative Juice

Creative Juice

The three most powerful words we can speak are: “I am ___,” where we fill in the blank with the third word of our own choosing. We create our lives with this simple incantation. It is a magic spell that works every time, so it is important to be careful how we use it.

BecomeWhatYouWillThere is danger in the careless use of the phrase. For example, saying something like “I am afraid” seems pretty ordinary, but it defines us as being fearful. None of us want to become the thing we fear. It is just as easy to say something like, “I am strong and I will get through this”.

Since you can fill in the blank with any word of your choice, then ask yourself, “What do I want to become?” This is one simple practical application of the creative juice we all have.

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Book Review – Closest to the Fire: A Writer’s Guide to Law and Lawyers

Fellow attorney, Karen A. Wyle, has written the definitive legal reference book for authors, Closest to the Fire   A Writer’s Guide to Law and Lawyers available at  Whether you are writing the next Closest to the Fire - Karen A. Wylebest selling legal thriller or only have a minor legal component to your story, it is critical you get it right.  Utilizing Karen A. Wyle’s book will insure that your writing is authentic.  As we all know, authenticity can make all the difference in how well your book is received by readers.  I urge you to pick up a copy for your reference library.