What’s In Your Center?

What’s In Your Center?

Imagine a storm rages all around you.  You hear a deafening roar that resembles a freight train.  Objects that were never meant to fly whiz past your head and you are afraid.  You drop down as low as you can get and hope the storm won’t take you, but the wind is strong enough to lift you a foot off the ground.



How do you survive?


Find your center.  Be the eye of the storm.  Let the rage exhaust itself around you, but do not let it in.

Milky Way


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Naked Tao Book Signing

Dear Friends,

Robert will be signing copies of Naked Tao tonight at the Garage Bar, on Market Street, Louisville, Kentucky.  Please stop by with your copy of Naked Tao or we will have copies available.  We are looking forward to meeting you!

Peace out,

RobertRobert On Harley