When I was eight, I discovered the wonderful world of story. Bored one hot summer day, I picked up a tattered copy of Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe” and my life was forever changed. Reading was no longer something a well-meaning adult made me do. It became a lifetime choice.

Like many readers, I knew I had a creative force inside of me that hungered for free expression. My inner voice whispered for me to write wondrous stories for the next generation. Even though I have taken the long route to fulfillment, my first book Naked Tao has finally been published and the second, Naked Chi, is close at hand.

Chi is the energy or life force that surrounds us…that is us. The use of the term “Naked” means it is out in the open. Our life force, the essence of who we are, is out in the open.
Naked Chi
So dear friends, here is a small excerpt from the “Naked Chi” to honor our dreams:

“There was a self-possessed air about her that seemed regal to me. At first I assumed she was a leader, but when I shifted my gaze to the small crowd that formed behind her, I could see they were not followers. None of them showed any sign they were the subjects of a master. How extraordinary, I thought, each and every one of them is clearly in charge of themselves.”

Peace out,

Gardening in the Suburbs

The tomatoes are thriving amongst the geraniums and marigolds and the strawberries, cabbages and peppers seem quite happy amongst the roses and herbs…..
Mixing Vegetables and Flowers

Tomatoes, Geraniums and Marigolds

Our neighbors keep stopping in to inspect our fruit trees and new berry patch at the side of the house……firmly establishing ourselves as the new quirky hippies of our neighborhood…..muwahahaha!!!
Blending Food and Flowers

Cabbages, Strawberries, Roses…

Happy Growing My Friends….