The New Prince Charming

The New Prince Charming

Hey guys…are you a good boy or a bad boy?  Today’s Prince Charming is a balance between Bad Boy and Mr. Sensitive.  Think of it as a practical application of balance.  Most of us are familiar with the Taoist symbol that depicts yin and yang as opposites in balance.  The name for this symbol is Taijitu or The Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate.  It is a depiction of a state of wholeness.

Yin and Yang

Wholeness requires acceptance of all aspects of life.  For example, you have a right hand and a left one.  If you only allow yourself to only make left hand turns, then your path is a circle.  As you know, we often depict someone who is lost as endlessly circling back to the same spot.  Life’s journey requires us to make both left and right hand turns.

So what does this have to do with Prince Charming?

In the 1970’s there was a show on television called “Happy Days”.  As the show developed, two male characters emerged, Fonzie and Richie.  These two characters were total opposites.  Fonzie wore a leather jacket and biker boots.  He rode a motorcycle.  Fonzie was a “bad boy” who defined “cool”.  The girls loved him and Fonzie frequently had a different beautiful girl on his arm.  On the other hand, Richie wore crisp button down shirts and loafers.  He was a nice guy who defined “boring”.  Even though he was smart, clean cut, and conformed to all of the rules, he struggled to get dates.  The girls just weren’t that interested.

On a superficial level you might conclude that if you’re a teenage boy, being Fonzie is way better than Richie.  However, as the show developed, so did the characters.  Fonzie began to reveal his soft sensitive side and Richie showed his grit.  The characters became less superficial and more whole.  Consequently, Fonzie met someone special and abandoned his playboy role.  Likewise, once Richie found himself, he found his girl.

Over the years, I asked a lot of women what they look for in a guy.  Do they want Fonzie or Richie? Most have told me they want both.  They want a guy who is both a Bad Boy and Mr. Sensitive.  For them, that is the new Prince Charming.

What are your thoughts?


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