Secrecy vs. Intimacy

Intimacy and secrecy are opposites.  If you are in a relationship, then secrets will block the intimacy you crave.

Choose intimacy.

Here are  a few simple things to increase intimacy in your relationships:


  • Accept yourself as you are. The culture of self-improvement has the unintended consequence of making us feel broken and needy. We are not that.
  • Trust your lover. Trust that your lover will accept you as you are. Your lover sees more of you than you realize. Pretending they don’t, doesn’t make it so.
  • Give straight answers. Have the courage to give straight answers to simple questions. Let go of the need to qualify your answers, or worse, ignore the question.
  • Choose intimacy. Each night before you fall asleep repeat to yourself, “I choose intimacy.” Each morning begin your day with the same choice.


The life you want for yourself and your lover is as simple as making small adjustments in your thinking.  It is at your fingertips.  Seize it.


Peace out,



Darkness on the Path

Darkness is the Great Mystery.

Light and dark define each other.

Light does not exist, but for darkness.  Light and dark define each other, yet we have bias against darkness and sometimes work diligently to eradicate it.  Darkness evokes images of suffering, fear, and the unknown, but could be viewed differently.  Darkness is the Great Mystery.  Shedding light on darkness doesn’t eliminate mystery.  Instead it reveals more mystery and that is a good thing, because the end of mystery is just that…the end.  Embrace life as it is.  Think for yourself and let mystery be mystery.

Peace out,


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