Each and every day, without fail, I ask my wife to marry me. You might ask why I would do such a thing. Aside from the obvious explanation that dementia has set in and I’ve forgotten we are already married, I believe it is important to affirm each day that I choose her. Fortunately, she always answers “yes” to my question. Maybe it’s because the other part of the practice is I never stop working to win her heart.


Rebecca is my beautiful wife and the marketing manager at Naked Tao Publishing Company

Rebecca on her birthday.

We’ve all heard that the key to a successful marriage is keeping it fresh. This is my humble way of doing that. What are your thoughts on this practice?


Peace out,


Winds of Change

Change rides the wind like a cowboy rides a horse.  Somtimes the horse is gentle and slow.  Other times it wildly bucks and kicks in hopes of unseating the rider.  Either way, change has its way with us.

Change We Must

Few of us choose  the unbroken stallion over the gentle mare as a means of change, but the unbroken stallion is like a wild eyed radical that delivers a powerful wakeup call.  Divisiveness leads to madness that never ends well for any of us.

Peace out…